Upload to FTP using Automator

If you spend allot of time uploading files to FTP sites then you may well find this automator add-on invaluable. Essentially this enables you to create a ‘drop box’ type folder in which you can drop files. Then hit the Automator application shortcut, which will automatically ‘chuck’ them up to an FTP folder of your choice.

This is a whole load easier then opening your FTP client each time and logging in then navigating etc etc etc.
To give you some ideas of what you could use this for, I have a couple of variations.. I use one to upload screenshots to a location on my web server for my blog posts. I also have one for uploading important backups to another FTP location. The download also comes with an example workflow to upload to a dropbox account. Perfect if you like drop box, but don’t like the cumbersome dropbox client.
There is also an example which resizes the images before it uploads them!
You can download the add-on from the official homepage. Alternatively download a copy of the XCode source from here.
I guess if you wanted to build on this script, you could even program it to monitor the folder for changes and upload as soon as it happens..? The possibilities are endless.

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