Clear iOS app cache to speed up iDevice

A little known trick has been tweeted about by an iOS Developer

Basically by repeatedly tapping one of the software buttons in one of Apples stock apps iOS will clear down its app cache. Which is believed to improve overall performance of iOS devices. 

To perform this “trick” launch the App Store, and tap on the featured star button 10 times in quick succession. If you’ve successfully activated the clear down, the AppStore screen will appear to reload, thus indicating the cache has been cleared. 

This is also said to resolve issues with app downloads stuck in a limbo state. 

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The Best Weather Apps For The IPad

After one of the longest cold snaps we have experienced in quite a while it seems to be getting increasingly difficult to guess what the British weather will do next. With the weather starting to warm up and the usual mix of showers and sunshine on the horizon, staying up to date with weather conditions will come in handy when planning what outfit to venture out it. To help you avoid getting caught in any heavy showers I’ve put together a brief collection of the best weather apps currently available for the iPad. You’ll be a professional weather forecaster before you can say cumulonimbus.

Accuweather for iPad

This weather app covers all of the U.K. and is very easy to use. The app looks good works well and even offers you advice on how the current weather might affect your body: “An excellent time for reparatory health”, being just one of the pearls of wisdom you will be provided with.


This app is perfect for the rare occasions we are blessed with plentiful amounts of sunshine. The app calculates the safest period of time to stay in the sun according to all skin types, giving you a better impression of what is safe for your individual skin tone. It also provides the UV index for your specific location and boasts a good number of sunbathing tips and advice.

Weather Pro

This is Europe’s foremost weather forecast app, and features reports from more than two million locations in up to three-hourly intervals. Coming complete with high resolution maps and radar images you can be confident that any adverse weather conditions won’t take you by surprise.

Met Office Weather

The Met Office is a highly reliable source of information with the majority of major television networks relying on them for their weather forecasts. This app gives you five day forecasts, a UV forecast and a handy ‘feels-like’ temperature guide that will help definitely you make sensible clothing choices.


Swackett is a different kind of weather app, communicating weather forecasts visually by using ‘peeps’ who always appear appropriately dressed for weather conditions.  When it’s cold outside peeps will appear dressed in winter hats or coats, and when it’s sunny the shorts and sunglasses will appear. A fun, fresh and useful weather app, Swackett converts complex weather data to easily understood, visual weather reports suitable for people of any age.

License: Creative Commons image source

Thanks to Les from The Snugg for this post. Les contributes regularly to a number of tech blogs and is a huge fan of mobile technology. Keep your iPad protected from the rain with the iPad keyboard cover at The Snugg’s Amazon store.

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Skype 3.7 for iOS Released

Popular Voice-Over-IP calling system ‘Skype’ has recently released an update to their iPhone application. Skype on iPhone works flawlessly for calling your Skype connected friends and family, and what’s more using Skype with ‘Skype out’ credits can often work out cheaper then using your standard mobile tariff.

Version 3.7 brings updates to the chat and dial pad view, along with lots of stability improvements and bug fixes.

If you have not had chance to test out Skype yet, you can download it from the AppStore for free.

Don’t forget Skype to Skype calls are free of charge (data usage charges may apply) and Skype to normal phones are charged at a reduced rate.

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Coming Soon to the AppStore – Microsoft Office

Microsoft have been working on breaking into the iOS market since around November last year, and it looks like we could soon be seeing that ever so popular Office logo in our iOS Device AppStores soon. It’s rumoured, that on launch the iOS variant of the popular app suite will support Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. No news has been released as of yet as to if that will ever been increased to support more Office file types.

The rumours are that interface is similar to that of the desktop variants ‘One Note’, with clear relations to the metro and Windows 8 GUI’s.

It’s going to be interesting to see at which price point Microsoft attack the market at, considering Apples’ own variant have been in the AppStore for sometime now. I am also looking forward to see how well Microsoft integrate cloud based storage and syncing, if nothing else but to judge it against Apple’s iCloud offering.

I’m confident an Android version won’t be far behind…

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Google+ hits iPhone AppStore


Apple have just released the Google+ app for download in the iPhone AppStore. The Google+ Android app hit the shelves a few weeks ago, with iPhone users being left in the dark as the iPhone app went through Apple’s stringent App testing and reviews. However, it has now been released, and is available to download.

Click here to view the app in the app store now!

NB: I still have some Google+ invites remaining if you are not lucky enough to already be part of the closed Beta.

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