Enable iPhone Proximity Lock

If you have a Mac, and an iPhone then M.H.A. have the perfect application for you! Airlock is a bluetooth device proximity sensor, which once linked to your iPhone will automatically lock your mac when you walk outside of the predefined radius. Not only does this work on the iPhone but it even works with the iPod touch.

Not only does it lock your mac, you can set specific applicationsapple scripts to fire when it locks and unlocks. Making it the perfect companion for all those worried about the security of their data.
What if your iPhone dies I hear you say!! Well no worries people, as there’s always the manual override of simply entering your password and away you go!
Airlock is available from M.H.A.’s website for the small fee of $7.99

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OOfy for iPhone

The clever people over at Polyideas have come up with this simple, straight forward little app for the iPhone. If you are regularly out of the office on business, but keep forgetting to set your out of office notification then this is for you!

OOfy has been developed around Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and even though the site claims it’s unable to tell if it will work on 2003, I have tested it on our 2003 server and it works perfectly.
Don’t let the simple interface put you off. The message text box can fit quite a lot of text in, and seems to have no problems transferring it. My out of office message is quite large and detailed, OOfy has no problems handling it at all.
This is easiest enough that even the end user can set up and use, with little help from the IT Staff.
All you will need to know is if your company using outlook web access, the URL to the access and if it uses SSL or not. Simply input the information into OOfy, along with your username and password and your set!
The latest version (1.1) boasts Exchange Server 2010 support – I only have access to an 03 server currently so I can’t test this. 
If your worried about the security of your username and password, you will be pleased to hear it’s all stored securely in the devices ‘keychain’.
Not bad for £0.59!

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LogMeIn Ignition – Sale now on!

LogMeIn have been making remote control solutions since 2003, over 70 million devices worldwide have connected to their servers at one point or another.

LogMeIn’s latest string to it’s bow is the fantastic LogMeIn Ignition, Ignition is an iPhone and iPod touch application which gives you ‘one click’ access to your LogMeIn devices. 
As mobile technology becomes more advanced, people from varying business fields find them self traveling from site to site more and more. With the power of an Apple iPhone and LogMeIn Ignition theres now no longer a need to carry multiple laptops, computer or storage media with you.
Using LogMeIn Ignition you can connect back to your device, using nothing but an iPhone and a 3G or Wireless internet connection and perform tasks as if you where sat in front of it! You can attach files from your homework p.c. to an email message on your iPhone, Share vacation pictures etc from your PC, work on documents whilst on the roadtrain, finish off that important presentation or work on the important department reports all from the comfort of your train seat! (or plane, or car passenger seat even the McDonalds down the road!) Imagine the power of your VPN connection without having to undo the velcro on your bag!
With LogMeIn Ignition the possibilities are endless. All you need is an account over at LogMeIn, you can chose either a free account or a Pro account, and iPhone and the Ignition app to get started.
For a limited time only, the friendly people over at LogMeIn are offering the iPhone Ignition app for only £11.99!! Plus

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