LogMeIn Ignition – Sale now on!

LogMeIn have been making remote control solutions since 2003, over 70 million devices worldwide have connected to their servers at one point or another.

LogMeIn’s latest string to it’s bow is the fantastic LogMeIn Ignition, Ignition is an iPhone and iPod touch application which gives you ‘one click’ access to your LogMeIn devices. 
As mobile technology becomes more advanced, people from varying business fields find them self traveling from site to site more and more. With the power of an Apple iPhone and LogMeIn Ignition theres now no longer a need to carry multiple laptops, computer or storage media with you.
Using LogMeIn Ignition you can connect back to your device, using nothing but an iPhone and a 3G or Wireless internet connection and perform tasks as if you where sat in front of it! You can attach files from your homework p.c. to an email message on your iPhone, Share vacation pictures etc from your PC, work on documents whilst on the roadtrain, finish off that important presentation or work on the important department reports all from the comfort of your train seat! (or plane, or car passenger seat even the McDonalds down the road!) Imagine the power of your VPN connection without having to undo the velcro on your bag!
With LogMeIn Ignition the possibilities are endless. All you need is an account over at LogMeIn, you can chose either a free account or a Pro account, and iPhone and the Ignition app to get started.
For a limited time only, the friendly people over at LogMeIn are offering the iPhone Ignition app for only £11.99!! Plus

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Orange World Plans

Ever since I got my first Windows mobile phone I have been hammering the data packages included with my talk plans.. I have been a customer with Orange for about 5 years now, and I have always been disapointed at the lack of unlimited data packages available as every other provider seemed to offer them. I have spoken to the Orange support team on many occaisions and have checked their website for information as often as possible to no avail…

Recently whilst down south, I obliterated my pofetic 30mb a month usage allowence, and decided enough was enough.. So I called Orange 150 one last time, to threaten termination of contract. I spoke to a man called Steven, who to my suprise has now upgraded my data plan from 30mb to 500mb a month..

Now, as Orange’s website states that the 80mb bundle is £45 I thought this one was  going to sting.. I used to pay £7 a month for 30mb, and now I am paying………………………… £5 a month…

So there you have it, it proves it pays to be persistant! Now I just have to wait till the 17th until my bill is produced before it takes effect!

If only I had spoken to Steven 14 months ago, I think I would have saved around £500 :@

So my tip for today is, ignore Orange’s website, and keep phoning until you get the answer your after!

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