NO Glasses, 4K, HD 3D Stereoscopic Displays (3DASD)

Rembrandt3D (PRNewsFoto/Rembrandt 3D)
Rembrandt 3D
 have today launched its new line of 3D NO Glasses, 4K resolution, full HD 3D Auto Stereoscopic Displays (3DASD) at the Three Rivers Technology Exhibition in Pittsburgh, Pa., last week. The event was highlighted by their introduction of their new “Special Edition” 3DASD 10″ Android Tablet, which premiered Emmy award-winning film maker Ken Love’s new Frank Lloyd Wright Film, “Falllingwater in 3D, the House Tour.”

Rembrandt3D No Glasses 3DTV, "Fallingwater House Tour Special Edition" (PRNewsFoto/Rembrandt 3D)

The 36-minute film is both a historical perspective detailing the creation of the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, as well as a 3D cinematic virtual tour of Fallingwater, and shows the house, for the first time, capturing all four seasons in 3D. When viewed on the Rembrandt 3D 4K 58″ 3DASD screen, the impact was inspirational, as many viewers testified.


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