Amazon to unveil phone with 3D Holographic display today


AmazonAmazon are shortly going to be releasing their very first entry in the mobile phone market, currently known as just the “Amazon Phone” rumours are starting to circulate that this phone may well have a killer feature.

The phone will predictably be running Amazon’s very own flavour of the popular Android operating system. The Amazon OS features tight integration into the Amazon services and stores.

Although it would be unbelievably cool, unfortunately content on the phone will not be ‘projected’ into the air like the holographic clips in the movies such as iRobot. The 3D Holographic display will give the illusion of depth of field of the onscreen content.

Its also said to be sporting eye tracking technology developed by a Japanese firm named Omron’s Okao Vision. This feature is also rumoured to be in the up and coming Samsung Galaxy S4.

Initial rumours suggest the the Amazon phone will sport a 4.7inch screen running at just 720p. Although this wont be as sharp a quality as some of the other devices on the market running at 1080p, this will aid the battery life of the device.

The device will have (what has rapidly become the norm’) 2 cameras, a forward facing camera capturing images at 12 mega pixels and a rear facing camera capturing images at 13 mega pixels. Its expected to be running the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and have 2GB of ram built into the device.

Amazon recently released a ‘teaser’ video of the device which you can watch below

On day of release its thought that the device will only be available on the AT&T network, with no news as of yet of a worldwide launch.

The Amazon event in Seattle is due to start at 3.30am AEST (17:30 GMT), and will not be available to stream online. Presumably a keynote video will be released shortly afterwards.

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A whole new meaning to word 'desktop' (3D)

All of you desktop icon-less freaks out there are going to hate this. BumpTop is an amazing addition to the mac, BumpTop is essentially a 3D version of a normal desktop, giving you the advantage of 5 more surfaces in which to store your stuff! 

Not only do you have the ‘top down’ desktop floor space, you also get 4 walls ‘around’ the top down view to store stuff. Using it’s amazingly fluid transition between the surfaces brings a whole new space age interface to your mac.
For a better explanation, check out this youtube clip:
{qtube vid:=GcbymyM3dWo}
As you can see from the clip, it has many cool feature such as the stack… A couple of things I also love is the multi wallpaper option, to give you a cool view with the right photo’s. Also the preview of picture files on your wall make’s it feel like you are actually hanging pictures!
Despite the applications capabilities it seems to have a small footprint, and so far has not affected the overall performance of my MacBook. Of course, on a lower spec’ed machine the outcome may be completely different.
For now at least I am loving my new 3D environment!

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