2012/2013 27-inch iMac 3TB Drive Recalls

27-inch iMacApple have today announced a recall on a small number of 27-inch iMac’s with 3TB drives, purchased between December 2012 and September 2013. They have acknowledged a batch of 3TB hard drives used in a particular manufacturing cycle have been prone to failure. In light of this they have kicked off a replacement hard drive scheme. Apple will replace hard drives free of charge, should the iMac fall within the range of specific serial numbers.

If you think your iMac may be one of the affected ones, you can enter the serial number on this page on the Apple website.

Apple have confirmed they will continue to replace drives in affected models until December 19th 2015, or 3 years from the original purchase date of the iMac.

At this time there is nothing to suggest any other models or years of Apple products have been affected by similar drive failures.

…Just another reason to make sure you have a upto date backup, no matter how much you pay for your computer equipment, drives are prone to fail..

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