Seasun Entertainment Opens North American Office

Relics of GodsSeasun Entertainment, one of the top game developers in China, today announced the establishment of operations in North America with the opening of Seasun Games, in San Mateo, California. This new U.S. subsidiary demonstrates Seasun Entertainment’s Western initiative as part of its larger globalization strategy.

As the first expansion into the west, Seasun Games will focus primarily on bringing the exciting mobile gaming experiences from Seasun Entertainment to new audiences. In addition to strategically prioritizing mobile games, Seasun Entertainment will also focus on game development and game publishing, as well as making investments in small- and medium-sized game studios worldwide.
“The U.S. is one of the top gaming markets in the world, boasting a long-lasting game culture, and is definitely a critical audience as we expand into global markets,” said Mr. Tao Zou, CEO of Seasun Entertainment. “We are confident and extremely dedicated to the U.S. market with long-term development and publishing plans,” Mr. Zou added. “We will be setting up an R&D team and recruiting top-notch talent to reach our ultimate goal – providing the highest quality and most exciting games to players all around the world.”

Seasun’s first planned release in North America is Relics of Gods, a 3-v-3 turn-based, strategy PvP mobile game, specifically developed with western audiences in mind. Relics of Gods is anticipated to launch in the App Store this summer and will be rolling out in some European markets soon after the NA launch.

In Relics of Gods, players – with their team members — choose three heroes from dozens of available options to form a deadly combination of varying abilities. They will then work together, using a series of attacks, skills and divine blessings to defeat their foes. Teamwork and communication are imperative to unleashing the greatest potential and attaining victory.

Relics of Gods has been in development for more than three years, with a major development investment of more than $20 million. Seasun Entertainment’s commitment to excellence includes utilizing an incredible lineup of the industry’s best resources, including music produced by Mark Griskey, the composer for popular games such as Marvel Heroes and Star Wars as well as several titles for Disney; and artwork directed by James Zhang, who worked on World of Warcraft and Supercell’s Clash of Clans.

Seasun Entertainment has been very successful in China and other Asian markets. The highly recognizable series of ‘JX’ became China’s ‘first brand of games’ in the press with enormous vitality and appeal among domestic games. JX3, one of the most successful titles, achieved total revenue of USD $129 million and daily active user (DAU) of 3.3 million in 2014. In 2004, Seasun started expanding its global presence and brought its star game ‘JX Online’ to markets such as Taiwan and Malaysia. In June 2005, ‘JX Online’ quickly took over 80% of the Vietnam market, achieving a record number of concurrent players: 200,000. In December 2011, “JX Online III” released a beta version in Korea, and ranked No.1 on the South Korean search site, Naver.

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