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Gemini Disk space can be a precious commodity, especially as many of us turn to solid state drives for our latest mobile technology. Many things can steal disk space, some things you can control – overs are not so easy.

One good place to start is to ensure your OS X device is not cluttered up with duplicate files. There are many complex terminal commands you can run, to search and remove duplicate files. However, with all terminal commands they can be cumbersome – and very daunting for rookie users.

That’s where MacPaw’s Gemini comes into play. Gemini brings the equivalent of the complicated terminal commands into an easy to use GUI. Dubbed “The best way to locate duplicates” Gemini sports a very clean and uncluttered interface, making for a fearless and almost enjoyable cleaning process.

Gemini is fast… I mean…. Serious fast! Seemingly no matter how large your storage is the app uses very sophisticated algorithms to track down duplicate files. It also doesn’t just locate files, but folders too – making for an all-round duplicate eradication system.

Unlike some duplicate file applications, Gemini has both iTunes and iPhoto support, ensuring that no media files or photos are lost in the cleanup process. It’s also intelligent enough to make sure at least one file is always kept safe.

MacPaw have written in intelligent scanning, ensuring the Gemini system doesn’t stumble across, or attempt to clean potentially troublesome files.

Files which take up the most disk space are given the highest priority, enabling you to clean up that precious disk space rapidly and without fuss.

The Good:

  • Super simple to use
  • Great user interface
  • Industry leading application vendor
  • Gemini is a risk free solution to clearing up those space stealing duplicate files.
  • You can grab yourself a free trial copy from MacPaw’s website
  • It’s only £6.99!

The Bad:

  • Some users report that NAS devices are unable to be dedupe scanned – (I’ve personally not been able to recreate this issue)

The Bottom Line:

Duplicate files may only be a very small part of whats chewing up your storage, once you’ve done clearing up your duplicate files it would also be worth checking out MacPaw’s other application – CleanMyMac An ingeniously simple and powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organized and free of files that slow it down.



Mike Hudson

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