Royal Wedding Leeds Rhinos Combo

So today has got the be made up of the weirdest selection of activities, a day which was meant to consist of shopping & lunch out followed by some rugby, was overtaken by some wedding.  That’s right, from the moment I got up & switched on ITV, I was just totally hooked on the Royal Wedding.  Now I’m not a total royalist & thought that I was only bothered about seeing what Kate was wearing, but I was wrong.  Seeing all the royals & Kate’s family, one by one arriving at Westminster Abbey (which I visited last November) made me actually wish I’d had a party or, in fact, gone & lined the street with all the other mad ‘eds…It would have been awesome!!

Although I have to say, sitting in my PJ’s wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea, with Philip Schofield talking to me from the TV, has got to be a close second.  It’s been such an amazing thing to watch & I’m so glad I am not like my husband, who is currently boarding out the loft 🙂 & to top it all off, they have just sang Jerusalem, a hymn that sends shivers down my spine due to the memories of rugby league games gone by, which leads me, quite nicely, to the next part of my day.

Castleford Tigers Vs Leeds Rhinos!!

A game which is going to be tough after 2 games in quick succession over the hot Easter period, however, one that should be awesome.  A derby game of close rivals at an old fashioned rugby ground, that I love.  Being so close to the action & standing on the half way line with the away supporters is brilliant.  Boosted by the return of Jamie Peacock & back in the squad, after returning last week, Danny McGuire…it really does feel positive for the Rhinos at the moment.  I just hope that they can continue their winnings ways, in what would be the end to an amazing Easter/Bank holiday campaign if we could do it.

And that way, we could congratulate Wills & Kate & The Rhinos all on the same day…

Enjoy your 2nd long break people…

Mike Hudson

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