Rugby League

Tonight is the start of a small rugby league marathon as I am going to see 2 live games of the greatest game in the world, rugby league, this weekend!  We more often than not go & see one as I am a massive Leeds Rhinos supporter, however, we have got some free tickets to go & watch the Hull FC v Bradford Bulls game today & some free tickets to go & watch the mighty Leeds vs Hull KR tomorrow.

Rugby is a large part of my life & has been for about 20 years now, being brought up in a house of sport due to my dad.  But hey, it makes me who I am, and there’s nothing I like more than to get out in the fresh air & let off the stresses of the week by shouting a few obscenities at a referee.  Ok, ok, that’s a little white lie, as if my mother heard me, I would definitely get a slap, so its normally things like, ‘Geremonside’ (all one word of course) or ‘Forward’ or if you’re my mum, ‘Cheating ratbags’.  It’s definitely a lot of fun & would advise you all to try at least one game & I’m sure you’d be hooked.

Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson is a Lead Cyber Security Analyst living and working in Kingston Upon Hull. With extensive experience in Microsoft and Apple technologies, ranging from desktop OS’s to Server OS’s and hardware. By day working as part of an infrastructure team, and by night ridding the world of IT issues through blog posts..

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