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Rocket League

Hands On:

One of the best types of games is that which allows you to have a lot of fun without too many rules or complications. This is exactly what happened with Rocket League, a game that has appeared out of nowhere and which is now transformed into an e-sport within less than a week after its release.

What makes this game so impressive is the fact that it’s a vehicle based action game and it seamlessly combined RC car driving with soccer. You will play on different fields and the main idea is to work with your team, which can be formed out of 2, 3 or 4 individuals in order to score as many goals within the limited amount of time.

I personally feel that the game did a great job with setting the counter at 5 minutes, because this is the perfect timeline to have in this regard to be honest. The games aren’t short nor long so if you want a quick break from what you are currently doing, the title will give you the best bang for your time and buck.

It’s very action packed, and during the 4v4 matches it can be quite crazy to be honest, but thankfully it does come with its own incredible set of incentives such as leveling that make you go from a rookie to a professional through the span of multiple levels.

On top of that, the design is extraordinary here, I have to say, and the gameplay is very immersive, which is a major plus to be honest. You will love the wonderful experience that can be felt during the matches, and the game just manages to excel at that right off the bat. I do feel that the title could add in some more stadiums because there are just a few, but these don’t obstruct the experience even one bit. In fact, the title does a wonderful job when it comes to setting you up with a perfect gameplay and wonderful appeal. From start to bottom, you will see that each game is different here, and that’s what makes it so diverse and alive for sure.

I do feel that the gameplay is very nice and interesting for sure, and they seamlessly combine the multiplayer with a solid singleplayer. You get a large campaign and the ability to play at any given time with the help of bots, something that I consider to be very good.

Local play is available, and that’s a perfect addition to the title. But what impressed me the most here are the graphics which are nicely designed and who provide you with a great game world in which you can play. The physics here are solid and the title is just a blast to play, you can rest assured of that.


Overall, Rocket League is one of the best games you can purchase right now. It’s fun, has a massive player base and a very large potential, so you need to check it out. The price isn’t high at all, less than half of normal AAA games! So there are lots of incentives to give it a shot, just give it a try and you will love it for sure!


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