Review Ozeri WeightMaster II Digital Bathroom Scale

Ozeri WeightMaster II

Hands On:

On taking the scales out of the box, I was immediately impressed by the build quality of this instrument.
The scales are very tactile and Have been ergonomically designed, The top of the scales is warm to the touch and feel comfortable when you stand on them in your bare feet. the surface of the scales has been treated with microban antibacterial material which is a bonus when standing on the scales one different people stand on scales in their feet.

The scales can be utilised by up to eight different users, each one can set up their own profile on the scales and then subsequently the scales will automatically recognise the user by their weight.

Setting up was very simple. Following the quick install instruction guide I was very quickly able to set up my identity on the scales as person one simply by importing my height and then standing on the scales so that the machine could Read my weight.
You have the option of displaying your weight in either kilos or pounds simply by pushing a button on the underside of the scales. Being of a certain age, I would have much preferred the option of being able to display my weight in stones and pounds, however this option is not available. In my opinion this is possibly the only downside to using these scales.

It’s immediately informed by my BMI which sadly is a little high however the scales will aid me to bring my BMI down for more acceptable level.

The next time I weighed myself three days later I was delighted to see the led display turned green. This indicates that I had lost weight since setting up the scales! Success!

According to the instruction leaflet that came with the scales, if a person puts weight on over the course of the person that they are weighing themselves on the scales the display will turn red. Unfortunately for this review, but fortunately for myself I am unable to confirm this at this current moment in time as I have not put any weight on since beginning to use the scales.
In conclusion, I would be happy to recommend the scales to anyone who seriously wishes to lose weight and become healthier as they offer an instant indication of your current weight and BMI, coupled with the fact that they will warn you that incident that you put your weight starts to creep back up again.


  • BMI with Weight Differential Detection
  • Accurate Weight Tracking with 30 Day Memory
  • Smart LCD with Color Alert Technology
  • Immediate and Flawless Results
  • Robust Construction


I would give the scales 4 stars out of five. They lose half a star because they do not read your weight in stones and pounds.


Mike Hudson

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