Recovering a Backup – iTunes

Recently I had to have my laptop stripped back & restored due to iTunes messing with my head (long story) and my personal IT Helpdesk had a problem with the back up of my iTunes library. Now you may or may not know this about me, but I have a hatred for an untidy iTunes library, so hours & hours have been spent putting them in order, as to how I like them, so this caused me a slight panic. You may go as far as to say I have an OCD about it.

Now as Mike had done all the hard work I thought it only fair that I take on some of the work & see if I could recover a previous backup I had made. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds…due to the complete restore of my laptop, it would not recognise that the backups were done from this laptop, so this added an extra complication…well, for a novice like me anyways…so I thought I’d write some instructions in case anyone else needed to know how to do it 🙂

  • Go into Backup Status and Configuration
  • Click Restore Files
  • Click Advanced Restore (if any permissions pop up’s come up, just click continue)
  • Select ‘Files from a backup made on a different computer’
  • Click Next
  • Select the location of your backup
  • Click Next
  • Select the date of the backup you want to restore from
  • Click Next
  • Select the date of the version of the backup you want to restore from
  • Click Next
  • Now in this screen you can add specific folders, files, etc to be restored by adding them one by one, or you can select the whole back up. In my example, all I did was restore the whole Music folder, but do as you require. Once finished selecting…
  • Click Next
  • Select a location where you would like the restored file or folder to go to
  • Click Start Restore
  • You may get the following message:

  • If you do, select ‘Restore the files without reassigning security permissions’ & Click Continue
  • Now all you have to do is wait for the restore to finish, once it has, Click Finish

If you need to change your iTunes library (if you were following this post for that reason), you will now need to following the instructions on this post.

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