QuickSilver for Mac gets an update.

This is one for all you keyboard warriors out there.. QuickSilver is an application which works a little like the Spotlight app.. QuickSilver hides out in the background and is launched from a key combination. (By default ctrl + space) Upon pressing the key combination a command window will appear.

Typing commands into the window can do a whole range of things. From launching applications, to interacting with contacts. It saves valuable mousing time.

Along with being able to launch applications, move files, upload to FTP sites, search for file, queue albums up in iTunes and email files you can also program your own shortcuts to fire when you type in you command. For the more frequent commands you can assign hot keys to them, so you could have a hot key to launch safari and load you favourite website. Or perhaps start composing an email to a loved one.
The recent updates released, have proven performance improvements over the previous version. Which is always a good sign!
Don’t be frightened by the what may seem complex exterior to the application, there are many tutorials dotted around the web to harness the true power of the application. Some good ones are Lifehackers beginners guide, and for those of you more tech savvy of you our there Lifehacker have also produced and advanced users guide. You can find links to these and many more over on QuickSilvers homepage.
QuickSilver is a powerful companion, and is something I certainly could not live without.
Head over to QuickSilver’s homepage to download the latest version! 
Blacktree (QuickSilver’s developers) have also published some other handy applications, which include a Quake Style terminal App (Visor), Telekinesis – which gives you remote control of your mac from your iPhone. Plus many more!

Mike Hudson

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