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picstickSince the introduction of the very first digital camera, and even more so the photo capable mobile phone – physical prints of photos has rapidly become something for only the most treasured picture. No longer are people traipsing down the shops with the film canisters in hand, hunting for the 1-hour photo processing shops.

However – a physical print of that moment in time encases it, enabling endless enjoyment and whats more, they make excellent gifts.

Many companies spotted this opportunity and gap in the market to provide physical prints from digital media. Some offering first class service, allowing printing on everything from a mouse mat to a xylophone.. With options comes complexity, and some services out there require a degree in computer science to work! That was until now, a new kid on the block, PicStick has reared up from the myriad of web-based services – to offer a no fuss solution to personalised magnets!

Lets get straight down to business, check out my review of the PicStick service:

Hands On – Website

The PicStick website is well designed and laid out, the landing page looks stylish and fresh.

The first thing that fills me with dread when using a new service like this, is all the personal details they ask upon sign-up. However, that form is nowhere to be seen on PicStick. They simply need the basics, or better still are already set up to accept Facebook account linking. So you can sign in with your Facebook account without having to worry about remembering yet another password.

Once logged into the site, the layout couldn’t be simpler. On the right you have the design of the magnet you are going to build, on the right are buttons to access pictures from Facebook, dropbox or even direct from your own machine.

For the purpose of the review, I will work my way through the buttons from left to right, starting with the upload from machine button.

Clicking on the ‘Upload Photos’ button takes you to an equally simple and straightforward screen, offering either a file selection window, or a drag and drop area to drag your photos onto……. However, there is one caveat with this facility, at the time of writing this post, should you accidentally drop a file outside of the right area, the browser will in fact navigate away from the site and load the picture instead. So be careful where you drop!

Moving onto the Facebook button, this is heavily reliant on you having the relevant security options selected in your Facebook settings. Incorrect settings will prevent you from being able to access your Facebook albums. Once you’ve adjusted your settings, choosing images using this method truly is seamless.

From order, to delivery

One thing that really impressed me with the service, was the speed of production and dispatch of the magnets. I placed the order late one night, just two days later they’d already arrived! That’s great service in my opinion.

The order process is simple and straightforward and the fact you can check out what your magnets are going to look like before you order is great!

Hands On – Magnets

My first impressions of the magnets where generally good, the size of them is just right for the picture.. An would also make a nice little present inside a Christmas card to the family. The quality of the picture is good, close up you can see some pixelation. However once on the fridge, they look great.

The overall quality of the magnet is high, and it doesn’t look like the picture would come apart from the magnetic strip.

Here’s a small snippet of my magnets



You can grab yourself your very own personalised photo magnet for just £9.50.. However, if you use the discount code MIKESEL25 you’ll receive a fantastic 25% off your order, so you get a 9 photo magnet for just £7.13!


Overall I think they are good value for money, and would make someone a nice little present. I know my friend Carly loved the magnets of her son Stanley. If you plan on making a purchase – don’t forget to use your discount code at the checkout.


Mike Hudson

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