Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scale

Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom ScaleKeeping fit and healthy is something I often (sometimes not often enough) strive to do. So keeping a keen eye on what I eat and what I weigh is an important part of my lifestyle. The market is awash with all sorts of personal health and fitness related technology from wearable tech to home gym equipment. One area of the market which in its self has a mass collection of varying tech is that of the bathroom scale section.

Each set of scales offers its own collection of features and fittings, some being so over complex they even offer pitfalls. However, the American based firm Ozeri are known for their easy to use intuitive product range, and the Precision II doesn’t vier far from default.


Hands On:

The Ozeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scale, is the latest in Ozeri’s Precision range. Unlike the first precision scale model, the facelift’ed model features a xBright backlit blue wide-screen display making viewing weight much easier on the eye.

Unlike some of the scales on the market, the Precision range features the patented ‘StepOp Technology’ – meaning no more waiting around for the device to initialize. The scales are automatically calibrated, which also helps reduce the fuss of initial setup, and leaves you feeling confident in its readings.

Its been designed and built to handle 440 lbs, with industry leading accuracy with increments of only 0.2 pounds.. The construction of the scale is very sturdy, with all joints of the product neatly hidden under its well designed exterior.

Inside the box, you also get a bonus tape measure – which is so well designed it’s really easy to use, even on your own. Keeping track of your measurements is a sure-fire way to keep you on the right track and to stop the scale fear that some people may experience. You also get a body fat caliper, which makes it really easy to keep an eye on both fat reduction and muscle gain!


  • Impact Resistant Tempered Glass
  • xBright Widescreen Display
  • Non-slip feet
  • Dynamix Processor (best of bread processor enabling lightning fast response times)
  • Auto Calibration
  • Weights up to 200 kg / 440 lbs
  • Bonus body fat caliper
  • Bonus tape measure


33 x 30.5 x 2.5 cm


1.9 Kg (3.2 Kg boxed)


From its style and simplicity alone its easy to award the Precision II a 5 star rating. This wouldn’t look out-of-place in even the most contemporary bathrooms.


Mike Hudson

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