Notepad Line Count

This evenings post has been contributed by Carly Bond an Excel Guru, who often helps me out with some of Excel’s more complex functions and formula’s.

As a user of large files of data, I constantly use Notepad to check lengths of data before importing them into other programs.  Going to the end of the file & using a keyboard shortcut of Ctrl G or Edit>Go To, will pop up a box to tell you how many lines are in the file.

For Example:

One day the line count function stopped working for no apparent reason, which was quite frustrating, the option to ‘Go To’ being greyed out.  If this ever happens to you, then all you need to do is remove the ‘Word Wrap’ function.  This can be done by clicking Format > Word Wrap.  The tick will disappear to stipulate it being switched off.

Mike Hudson

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