New Orange+Grey A40+Mixamp ™ M80 For Xbox One Announced

Astro_Logo_Tagline_White_thumbASTRO Gaming, creators of premium video gaming equipment, today announced a new custom Orange+Grey colorway for its award-winning A40+MixAmp™ M80 for Xbox One.  Originally released in fall 2014, the A40+MixAmp M80 for Xbox One represents ASTRO Gaming’s first officially licensed product specifically designed for the Xbox One®, Microsoft’s gaming and entertainment system created by gamers for gamers. The new Orange+Dark Grey colorway for the A40+MixAmp M80 for Xbox One joins the original Blue+Light Grey headset providing gamers with true audiophile-grade sound and unprecedented control over their gaming audio experience.  Both ASTRO Gaming headsets are available now at select retailers nationwide and directly from ASTRO Gaming at for $200.

By popular demand, ASTRO Gaming also announced two additional fan-friendly products with the introduction of a standalone MixAmp M80 for Xbox One and AG1 Chat Cable for Xbox One.  These two important product introductions allow legacy owners of ASTRO A40 pro-gaming and A50 wireless headsets to upgrade their existing ASTRO audio gear to work with Xbox One.  The controller-mounted MixAmp M80 for Xbox One provides A40 owners with ASTRO’s patented MixAmp functionality including game-to-voice balancing, three different EQ modes and click to mute.  The AG1 Chat Cable for Xbox One does not require the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter allowing A50 owners to utilize the full functionality of their technologically advanced wireless headsets with the console.  The standalone MixAmp M80 for Xbox One and AG1 Chat Cable for Xbox One are available now for directly from ASTRO Gaming at for $60 and $25, respectively.“ASTRO Gaming represents the industry standard when it comes to pushing the technological envelope and driving the advancement of audio reproduction in gaming headsets.  Our A40+MixAmp M80 for Xbox One is a prime example of that commitment,” said AronDrayer, VP of Marketing atASTRO Gaming.   “The convenience of theMixAmpM80 combined with the pro-grade sound quality of ourA40 headsets truly augment the Xbox One experience. And the newA40 colors look great too, this time featuring Orange which is one of our core brand colors and was a sellout favorite with ourA40 Neon Series collection.”

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ASTRO Gaming A40 + MixAmp M80 for Xbox One features include:

  • Officially Licensed Xbox One Headset – Designed specifically for Xbox One, the A40 + MixAmp™ M80 will provide hours of game playing, movie watching and music listening excitement with superior fit and comfort as well as premium audio tuning for Xbox One.
  • New MixAmp™ M80 – Newly designed exclusively for Xbox One, the MixAmp™ M80 is a controller-mounted audio device that works with the ASTRO A40 Headset to deliver game-to-voice balancing, volume control via a volume wheel, push-button mute and distinct EQ Modes.
  • ASTRO Audio Experience – Engineered specifically for gaming, ASTRO audio experience delivers audiophile-grade sound in a richly detailed positional audio experience.
  • Removable Mic System – A highly precise, noise-canceling removable boom mic, which can be removed and swapped from ear to ear for a more customizable in-game communication experience.
  • Two Custom Xbox One Colors – The A40 + MixAmpM80 features two new custom color schemes exclusively for Xbox One – Light Grey with Blue highlights or the new Dark Grey with Orange highlights.
  • Customizable Speaker Tags – A unique ASTRO feature, Speaker Tags represent a magnetic, removable and customizable system for personalizing your A40 Headset.  Special edition tags can be purchased, or use the Speaker Tag Customizer to create your own unique look for teams, clans, guilds or simply for pure personal expression.
For more information about the ASTRO Gaming A40 + MixAmp M80 for Xbox One($200) or the new standalone MixAmp M80 for Xbox One ($60) or the AG1 Chat Cable for Xbox One ($25), please visit or download their iOS app here.

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