Microsoft Outlook – Reading Pane

For months now I have been driven insane by my Outlook…for some reason the Reading Pane had decided to give up the ghost, for no apparent reason whatsoever.  I kept looking in the ‘Customise Current View’ section of my inbox, but there is was, still set to ‘Bottom’.  Very frustrating.  So I decided to search for a solution.

Hidden away in the Help of Outlook is a section called ‘Disabled Items’, and there is was sitting there, as if looking at me in a cheeky way…I selected it, clicked ‘Enable’ & ‘Close’, restarted Outlook, and, hey presto, my Reading Pane was back.

Happy days 🙂

Carly Bond

is a regular guest blog poster here at, and also a blog poster on her own site, with a wealth of experience in VBA and Microsoft Excel - Carly is constantly expanding her knowledge and is actively learning PHP

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