Meguiars NXT Tech Wax 2.0

Tech Wax 2

Today started like most Sundays.. Out of bed, dressed and eating breakfast. Thinking “hmm car could do with a good clean!”..

I decided I would something differnt this time, so opted for Meguires NXT Generation 2.0 Tech Wax. I’ve always been happy with the Gold Class results, but wanted something deeper! Now, I know I would have been better with a porta cable, don’t I dont have one!

So off I went to ‘Posh Wash’ for a full on hand car wash, then back to the underground car park for the car to dry in the shade.

After a quick thirst quenching Coke, I got to work..

I was planning the clay bar route first of all, but its only just recently been done so decided to skip the stage.

Layering on the Tech Wax I found it very easy to use, Paul followed with my polishing cloth removing the residue and leaving a nice deep ‘Show Room’ shine!

I did one coat to start off with, then moved onto the glass. Using AutoGlyms Fast Glass, leaving them crystal clean. I then use AutoGlyms vinal and rubber car to buff up my mud flaps. Finally finishing off with a quick scratch x application on a small scratch, then a second coat of Tech Wax.

I think the pictures dont quite show just how deep it is:

More pictures can be found in my gallery.

So, for 15.99 for a bottle including applicator pad – it now takes pride of place in my Meguiars boot organiser.

I have also booked in for a Porta Cable day, so hopefully should be able get it even deeper on the 20th!!

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