MegaFon Chooses the Mobile TV Solution from SPB Software

December 23rd, 2010 – SPB Software, a leading mobile software developer announces, that one of the major Russian mobile carriers MegaFon has chosen SPB Software as a partner for its mobile TV client solution.

Being the first all-Russian mobile operator in GSM 900/1800 and 3G standard, that has more than 56 million active subscriber accounts in Russia, and subsidiaries in Tajikistan, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, MegaFon develops its business basing on the principle of maximum satisfaction for its subscribers and fair competition. Giving its users the best solutions on the market MegaFon gains more and more customers and increases its efficiency by the continuous improvement of its services. Therefore they decided for mobile TV client offered by SPB Software.

The TV solution from SPB Software for Megafons popular service “Video portal” is unique in Russia due to its picture quality and rich functionality such as picture-in-picture mode, fast channel launch and switching, integrated TV guide, setting up the program reminder in calendar and more. Mobile operators choose SPB TV when it comes to the mobile TV service.

“With the focus on the customer experience MegaFon looks for the best value-added services on the market,” – says Alexey Ivlev, Head of New Products and Services at Megafon Ltd. “We have chosen the TV client (Video portal) from SPB Software among all other offers due to the best-in-class usability and the TV-like user interface. Delivering to our clients the functional and easy to manipulate TV-service will help us to meet the highest level of our subscribers’ expectations and needs hence becoming one more step on building the long-term customer loyalty”. Follow the link to find the detailed information on this project:

The detailed information on other SPB Software’s projects with partners can be found in case-studies section at SPB website:

Further Information and Downloads

TV client for MegaFon case study
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