LOGIK 7″ Google Nexus Starter Kit Review

LOGIK 7" Google Nexus 2 Starter Kit

LOGIK 7" Google Nexus 2 Starter KitWith my recent acquisition of a Google Nexus 7 (which you can read my review of here) the obvious next purchase was of course a protective case for the tablet. Now, although tablet design and construction has come on leaps and bounds since the very early market contenders. I am still a fan of looking after my tech, and keeping its resale value as high as possible.

Cases like these seem to divide the masses, some completely disagreeing with them and not seeing the need, others seeing them as an essential purchase.

Unlike my iPad I didn’t really want a bulky keyboard case, just something to help prevent knocks and scrapes. Scouring the market there’s a whole host of designs and builds, some starting for as little as £2.. (Which I’d personally avoid..) After a little shopping trip in my local city, I settled on the LOGIK 7″ Google Nexus Starter Kit.

Hands On:

With this being a starter kit, you not only get a case but also a screen protector and stylus too!

Lets start with the Stylus; I already own the Bamboo Stylus Alpha, although it’s not something that gets used every day. So the stylus  which came with the starter kit was somewhat of an unneeded accessory for me. With that fact to one side, the stylus itself seems well constructed, it doesn’t feel like it would snap even rolling round in the bottom of a full laptop bag. Its nib isn’t as precise at onscreen actions as the more expensive models on the market, but for general net browsing and typing it holds its own pretty well.

Next is the screen protector; in my option, the use of a ‘clam shell’ type case kind of rules out the need for a screen protector. As your less likely to damage the screen, as long as you remember to close the case after use of course. There’s not much to stay about the protector, it has a glossy finish which doesn’t hide finger print smudges as much as a matt finish one would. However I know only some people (me included) get bothered by fingerprints on touchscreen devices.

Onto the case its self; although £14.99 is not exactly a premium price for a hand-held device case, its not cheap either. With this in mind – the ‘PU’ case feels well constructed, with double stitching were required. However does look like stressing the fabric over time will result in splitting or marring of the overall appearance of the case. Straight out of the packaging folding the case back into it’s “stand” position is not easy at all, and getting it to slot into the holder on the back of the case (see image below) was somewhat of a challenge! However, once in place the case did a perfect job of holding it upright.



  • Case
  • Screen protector
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Stylus


Although the case does the job, I’m afraid the quality and fact that the case is soon going to show signs of wear and tear only gets it 3 stars. It’s currently available for £14.99.


Mike Hudson

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