iPhone secure wallet app (#SPBWallet)

As websitespolicys call for tighter security and more complex passwords, a decent and secure place for storing all your account information is essential. There are many applications on the market, however not all of them are as feature rich as SPB Software’s wallet application.

The application was first released for windows mobile phones, an application which sync’s flawlessly with Windows desktop computers. This very rapidly made it’s way to one of my most used applications. Storing all sorts of logon credentials for PC’sServers and websites. Gradually building up to contain even more information, such as door lock codes, alarm codes and car VIN details.
When I moved over to my new phone (iPhone 3GS) i soon noticed just how much I missed the application. Luckily SPB Software have released a version for the iPhone. Which (like the windows version) boasts a large features list that power users will love.
Strong 256-bit AES encryption
Automatic wallet locking
Cards Flip Flow
Password auto fill for websites in web browser
Cloud sync with Google mailbox
WiFi sync with desktop computer
Start tags
Quick Search
Password generator
Desktop: User-friendly logon panel
Desktop: Automatic clipboard cleanup
You can purchase the windows version for $9.95£8.45 or the mac version for $14.95£13.95 from SPB Software’s website, you can also download the iPhone app from iTunes app store

Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson is a Lead Cyber Security Analyst living and working in Kingston Upon Hull. With extensive experience in Microsoft and Apple technologies, ranging from desktop OS’s to Server OS’s and hardware. By day working as part of an infrastructure team, and by night ridding the world of IT issues through blog posts..

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