iOS 8 incompatible applications

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Sad 3D white manIf (like me) you are a keen early adopter you may be considering upgrading your iOS device to Apple’s latest (and greatest?) operating system iOS 8. As it’s still only in early BETA stages some apps in the App Store are still somewhat incompatible with the OS. Some have some ‘quirks’ only present on iOS 8, and some refuse to work at all.

Below is a list of applications which have been tested, and proved (currently) not to be working with iOS 8 and the symptoms they display.

If you would like to contribute to this list, please get in touch using the comments field below.

Hootsuite – Application crashes on attempted load
WordPress – Application unable to navigate to “Me” tab
WhatsApp – Application crashes when trying to get access to message threads

This is a living post, and will be updated as and when un-working apps are discovered.

Mike Hudson

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