Ikea Malkolm Swivel Chair

Malkolm Swivel chairAlthough I am only a casual home office user, my workstation takes pride of place in my living room.. My substantial L-shaped glass desk has been the home of many an hour of hard work and inspirational thinking.. However, my office chair has always left (until now) a lot to be desired. Despite the role it plays at my workstation, I thought I’d get away with a frugal investment in a cheap chair …. How wrong was I!

After somewhat of a long shift at my desk one day, I decided enough was enough and the cheap chair had to go.. So I headed off to Ikea, not renowned for it’s office furniture, but still carries a good selection. Especially for the casual home office worker.

A quick hunt around, and several sit downs later I was greeted by what was soon to become my cheap chair replacement. The artificial leather caught my eye across the showroom, pretending to be a much more expensive full leather chair.. Yet with the vegetarian at heart.. (No cows where harmed whilst making this chair – at least, I don’t think they where!?)

Hands On:

Arriving home with the item that was going to have to put up with the worst view of the house, I excitedly but carefully cut open the box, to reveal the chair in all of its flat pack glory. The first thing to catch me out when laying out the parts pre build marathon, was the lack there of parts.. The scamps in the factory had cunningly hidden away some of the main parts of the chair, inside the chair back! Luckily this was highlighted on the instruction manual!

Upon unboxing the chair, I new I’d made the right decision. The ‘legs’ of the chair which held the wheels I’m place, seemed to be machined out of a quality steel – with plastic inserts to ensure a good bond to the chair base.

[GARD align=left] The base and back both feel well padded (much better then my previous purchase) and seem to support the lower back area well with the built in lumbar support. Whats more the higher back area of the chair does a fairly good job of supporting my neck and head, when the inevitable writers block sets in.

The wheels on the chair feel of good construction, they even host a rubber rim to ensure traction of slippery surfaces (perhaps a good contended for the office chair olympics?) the wheels also have a locking mechanism to prevent the chair from escaping when unoccupied! This is a feature which baffled me at first, as moving the freshly constructed chair proved to be challenging at first!

The plastic arms of the chair feature something which is often missing from the budget office furniture, padded arm rests! Not something I normally look for in a chair, as I generally find comfort in my mouse and keyboard wrist rests, still and added bonus non the less.

Overall I’m finding the chair very comfortable and supportive and wouldn’t think twice about recommending it to other office chair olympic competitors.


Adjustable height
Adjustable tilt tension
Lumbar Support
Rubber coated castors


Assembled size
Tested for: 110 kg
Depth: 65 cm
Max. height: 123 cm
Seat width: 52 cm
Seat depth: 45 cm
Min. seat height: 45 cm
Max. seat height: 58 cm


17.2 kg



Mike Hudson

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