Guilty Pleasures

So I’ve been thinking about the topic of ‘kind of’ guilty pleasures lately, maybe not totally guilty pleasures, but things we like doing which we may be a little bit embarrassed about, or quite proud of, depending on how you look at it 🙂

I starting thinking about this when I spent the whole of Saturday morning watching back to back episodes of Home and Away and Neighbours from the previous week!  Now, I would happily admit this to anyone, but appreciate that it’s slightly sad & that I am no longer 13 trying to get out of the washing up!  I hold my hands up, I Sky Plus it & with Home & Away actually watch it a day in advance 🙂 I try to convince myself its because I once when to Palm Beach just north of Sydney where the film it, but it’s not, I love it.

Another slightly geeky pleasure I have is cross stitching…a skill I have learnt from my grandma but without being a big head, I’m actually really good at it.  Although it’s a pastime I pick up & put down with fairly big intervals, I still really enjoy it…The one I’m doing at the minute is a canal boating scene that I’ve had for about 5 years & I’m not sure I’m ever gonna finish it…but if I ever do, I’ll post it!

So what’s your guilty pleasures?

Carly Bond

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