Introduction to a new blogger

So this is my first official blog…a little late considering I actually posted something yesterday but I thought it only right to introduce myself.

My name is Carly Bond & I am a 32 year old Reporting Manager with a passion for all things Excel!  I guess I should really call myself a developer ‘of sorts’ as a large part of my job involves writing VBA for Excel & Access & getting involved in some other languages, which I really enjoy, but most of which are self taught so I always hesitate at giving myself a ‘developer’ tag.  Another thing I’m interested in (in a ‘none’ geeky sense) is Rugby League.  I’m a season ticket holder with Leeds Rhinos & have been for about 15 years, but actually supporting them since 1990.

My friend, Mike Hudson, the creator of this amazing website (He’ll let me stay if I big him up, although I am the Editor of his own blog so I earn my keep), has been trying to get me to ‘blog’ for ages, but I’ve been putting it off.  It does seems like something I could get into so I’m giving it a shot.  I guess I’ve always thought no one will ever want to read anything that I have to say, but then, everyone must go through that at first!

Well I guess that’s it from me for now; you’ll be hearing more from me soon, expect to see a mixture of Excel help, random findings and maybe some ramblings about rugby league & other sports.

I hope you like it…let me know what you think; it’s always nice to get feedback!

Carly Bond

is a regular guest blog poster here at, and also a blog poster on her own site, with a wealth of experience in VBA and Microsoft Excel - Carly is constantly expanding her knowledge and is actively learning PHP

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