Gmail Notifr for Mac

There are many POP and IMAP mail checking apps on the market for OS X, some are expensive and clunky, some are free and light.. Much like the one in todays post, Google Notifr by James Chen is a free open source RubyCocoa application.

With a very small foot print, Google Notifr is a set and forget application. Which will happily sit on your menu bar and check your Gmail account or accounts, and notify you upon arrival of new mail via a growl notification, a sound or both!

Google Notifr Features:

  • Separate check and notification setting for each account!
  • Support multiple accounts!
  • Support Google hosted account.
  • Check mail at a specified interval.
  • Growl & sound notifications.
  • Small & fast.
  • Sparkle automatic update.
  • Mailto handler.
  • No background daemon processes installed as Google’s official notifier.
James has recently released a test build that supports OS X Lion, which I have tested and works perfectly!
Click here to download the OS X Lion version
Click here to download the older version
Gmail Notifr is donate ware, so if you like it why not pledge a donation

Mike Hudson

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