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Lightbulb Crew Reveals More Details Behind Games Of Glory’s One-Of-A-Kind Battle Arena Persistent Universe

Paris — July 29, 2014 – Lightbulb Crew, an independent game development studio with a team built around veterans of Ubisoft, DICE, and Codemasters, has revealed more details about the persistent aspect of the science fiction universe behind Games of Glory.

Games of Glory is the only MOBA to offer a persistent universe in which to play, where the actions of the players themselves determine not only the future development of the game, but also the course of history for the game’s lore and factions. In addition, Games of Glory will offer single player missions that will unveil secrets behind the universe.

The dominant empire in this game’s universe – called the Synarchy — is in constant evolution, with numerous species fighting for supremacy among political and economic factions. This fight manifests itself physically through combat within the battle arenas, in the Games of Glory.

How Do Players’ Actions Impact The Universe?
Players will embody one of the powerful Clones available to fight in the arenas, and as such, the player will have a tangible and significant impact on the balance of power within – and the future direction of — the fictional universe.

Each victory or loss posted by a Clone will impact the player’s associated faction’s influence within the broader universe. On a more personal level, following matches, each player will raise their notoriety in the eyes of the Synarchy’s population; the more the player is recognized, the more their actions gain importance, providing a more powerful impact for their faction.

These dynamic evolutions on the script – directly influenced by the success and failures of the game’s players — will shape the game’s content. These alterations in the game’s universe will include announcements of new factions; introductions of new clones for a victorious faction; new arms and equipment; or even game mode modifications.

“From the beginning of this project, we wanted to give our community a central role in creating the events that will change the Synarchy forever. For us it is incredibly exciting, as even we do not know what will happen in Games of Glory,” Said Anders Larsson, CEO of LightBulb Crew. “We also believe that this player-driven interaction and shaping of the world will help increase the enjoyment for players who are not as focused on competitive play, but may be interested by the game’s story.”

Single Player and Club Quests to Reveal EVEN More Secrets of the Synarchy
As a complement of the faction system, players will be able to unveil the secrets of the Synarchy through solo or club quests, in direct link with the different factions and Clones.

Does the Synarchy aim to invade new planets? What are the origins and the secrets behind each Clone? Which dark plots are threatening the power in place? These are the kinds of questions that will be answered by delving into the stories of each faction.

Lightbulb Crew has also published a new video, bringing new, complementary elements to this world premiere aspect of the MOBA genre.

Lightbulb Crew’s Kickstarter campaign page can be found here, along with more details about the game, gameplay videos, and other information for potential backers.

The campaign offers several levels of support with multiple attractive rewards. The Steam Greenlight page can be found here.

Fans should visit the Greenlight page and vote for Games of Glory.

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