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Today Lifehacker posted a link to a deviant art post, it was about creating your very own ‘landing’ page in your web browser so instead of staring at the boring old Google or Bing search page, or your recently visited list you get something useful.  Now, for as long as I have had access to web, development tools this is something I have threatened, however never got around to.

Well this post eventually push me over the edge, and yes – I still haven’t created my own, I have used k3ttc4r’s ‘framework’, however as you can see below I have extended it to contain another category.  What k3ttc4r has put together is a very clever merge of several tools and javascript skills, to build this dynamic (menu’s drop on hover) landing page.

Now I like what I have got so far, but admit I am now going to use this to build my own ultimate variation.  Maybe even including an RSS feed or too and maybe the weather?

I know k3ttc4r quotes he’s using this in Firefox, but this can quite easily be set as your homepage in all over mainstream browsers. The screenshot below if from Safari.

So if you would like to get started making your own check out k3ttc4r’s deviant art page for a download link. An why not post back here with screen shots of what you have created.

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