Elite Dangerous Black Friday Sale


As of right now, the PC version of Elite Dangerous has gone on galaxy-sized sale, available via the Frontier Store and Steam for only £9.99 GBP. ($14.98 USD; EUR: 12.48; RUB: 748.92). That 67% savings

The sale runs all weekend and ends on Tuesday, December 1 at 6PM UK time.

The Black Friday Sale will include some merchandise and ship skins on FrontierStore.net including 40% off “existing” paint jobs, and discounts off some merchandise items; there will also be new paint jobs available at regular price.

This is the perfect time to get into the game for a great price as the beta for Elite Dangerous: Horizons is imminent, a season of content that adds incredible new features and challenges to the game. The first portion launching soon will include the highly anticipated Planetary Landings featureallowing players to land on airless worlds throughout the 400 billion star systems of the game’s simulated Milky Way.

Mike Hudson

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