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I have just started using the Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing WordPress Plugin to secure and distribute my .NET applications, as the system was primarily developed for WordPress plugins – I decided I would put together a .NET ‘wrapper’ to make it easier to implement into my projects. You can find the class and usage instructions below.

As always – if you have a suggestion on how to improve this, please leave your comments in the section below

For ease of use, and because I prefer it to the built-in functionality I have used the Json.NET component.

1. Download and add to your project Json.NET

2. Create a new class, insert the following: (Click here for an easy to copy/paste version of the code)

3. Then on your form/where you want to check/activate from:


If you get any unusual responses, make sure you check the URL in a browser – http:///?edd_action=activate_license&item_name=&license=

To do 

  • Replace the message boxes with the code you wish to process depending on the outcome.
  • It may be worth storing the entered serial number in a user setting, so you can periodically check it’s still valid

Given the opportunity I plan on doing the following tasks, until then – the module is working..

  • Replace the first for loop with a direct access of the license value – during testing I was unable to work around an error “Cannot access child value on Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JValue” until I have resolved this I have chosen to use a select case 
  • Implement the ‘get_version’ functionality of EDD

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