Time2Epoch – epoch converter

Time 2 Epoch – Epoch Converter

I have recently been developing an application to interact with a third party database which uses EPOCH datetime formats.

After countless hours of calculations and checks I decided it was time to build an application to do it for me.

This is the very first BETA version of the application and it currently contains no graphic enhancements of any kind.


  • Converts normal date/time to EPOCH date time
  • Copies converted date/time straight to the clipboard
  • Converts EPOCH date time to normal date/time

Version History – First BETA released, no known bugs, no known enhancement plans (yet) – Second BETA released, many more options added! Now able to convert back from Epoch to Time, with options to convert time and date, just date or just time. – Third BETA released, a small bug has been fixed to resolve the format of the datetime combo boxes. – Fourth BETA released, adding a menu to jump to points in time (Start of year, start of month, end of month, end of year) – Small bug fix is this release, previous versions would not handle times correctly in the conversion. Now supports 24 hour time entry.

If you have previously downloaded a copy of Time2Epoch the next time you attempt to run the application you will be prompted to download the latest revision. If you have not yet got a copy, use the link below. Time2Epoch is free, as will all future updates!

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