Diamond gets a new ROM

HTC DiamondAfter six months, I have finally decided it’s time to get rid of the Orange ‘OEM’ ROM. Although I have now had any major issues with it, I’m looking forward to moving to a faster tweaked ROM.

Of course my first port of call was XDA Developers, as countless ROM Chef’s hang out around the boards. Several forum threads later I have finally decided to go with Duttys 5.2.20764.1.4.3 I have used Dutty’s ROM’s on every windows mobile phone I have owned to date. So I know it’s a safe bet.

As with all ROM flashes, the first thing I downloaded was HARDSPL, again from XDA Developers you can download HardSPL_OliNex138_Signed.zip with a valid XDA Developers account.

Whilst that downloaded I started the download of the ROM, unfortunately it’s hosted on RapidShare.. Which is always painfully slow. No doubt it gets faster if you subscribe! But why would I want to do that???

Anywho, back to the flash…. I installed HardSPL with no problems at all (as expected) so on with the flash I went.. After downloading the ROM from RapidShare I was greeted by a password prompt so back to the post I went and found it: “V4 3.02 Produced by Dutty”. The file then extracted, no questions asked and I launched the CustomRUU file.. Off it went to do it’s thing, however the phone had other ideas…. The flash stayed at 0% and made no attempt to move, after a quick hunt around the forums I found the HardSPL version required.

So let’s try again. It’s finally kicked in and the ROM is installing…

Next on the menu is a new radio version I decided to go with Radio v1.00.25.05 after reading quite a few good reviews from other Orange customers.

Now thanks to Dutty in his Chef’s hat, my phone is running shed loads quicker and is also sporting lots of toys:

ARCsoft MMS_5.0.27.63
BT BPP_1_6_8_0
BT SAP_3_1_0r
BT Ftp_1_2_33309_91
HTC Album 2_5_1820_1831
HTC Audio Booster_2_0_1814_3227
HTC AudioManager_1_6_1820.3027
HTC Camera_6_00_32837_00
HTC ConnectionSetup_1_5_35362_1
HTC Endkey_1_1_34582_1 [Mapped to End key]
HTC EnlargeStartMenu_1_2_35075_100
HTC Ezinput_1_5_32437
HTC FM Radio_1_6_1819_1820
HTC G-Sensor Calibration_1_1819_2126
HTC Labrynth Teeter_1_4_1819_2028
HTC LargeTitleBar Settings
HTC MP3 Trimmer_1_1_1816_2327
HTC Manilla_2.1.Dutty.1_1745.40
HTC Quick GPS_1_0_1820_2228
HTC Random Access_4_1_1820_1320
HTC RSS Hub_2_1_1077
HTC Sim Manager_6.57
HTC SMSInboxThreading
HTC StreamingMedia_3_1820_2621
HTC Task_Manager_2_1_35096_00
HTC VoiceRecorder_1_10_1815_1728
HTC Volume Control_1817_4025
HTC YouTube Application_1_0_1819_2130
JBlendJava_V3.3.5, XXXXXX[Available by cab]
Microsoft NetCf 3.5 RTM
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Sqlcemobile 3.5
Microsoft voice Command
Microsoft Windows Live
Opera Mobile Browser Build 15316
Remote Destop

Toms Soft Reset
File Explorer Extension [Thanks to tnyynt]
GP-Soft Tweak
PHM Regedit + Task Manager _V3.01
Pim Backup
Screen capture

Now all I have to do is retrieve all of my SPB Software Serials and install all my software again!

I will test and ‘benchmark’ the ROM over the next few days and then post a review.

Thanks for reading.. 

Please note: flashing ROM’s on your mobile is dangerous and an incorrect flash could rendor your device useless, I suggest you only do this is you are confident you know what you are doing!

Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson is a Lead Cyber Security Analyst living and working in Kingston Upon Hull. With extensive experience in Microsoft and Apple technologies, ranging from desktop OS’s to Server OS’s and hardware. By day working as part of an infrastructure team, and by night ridding the world of IT issues through blog posts..

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