The all new CoPilot Live

Ever since my very first iPhone I have always used it as a ‘Sat Nav’ device along with it’s standard smartphone features. Back in december 09 I purchased CoPilot 8 for iPhone, it didn’t take me very long to fall in love with it. An even put together a blog post on it. Unfortunately the post has not stood the test of time well, pictures have been lost in several server/host transfers. However I still, to this day use CoPilot and recommend it to every iPhone user I speak to.

So, imagine my excitement when I say this in my list of AppStore updates:

I downloaded the update almost straight away, and must say I am impressed with the all new look and interface. CoPilot have uploaded a video of the new version to youtube, as you can see – it truly its worlds apart from the old version. Plus, in my opinion its interface it far superior to that of ‘TomTom’, who don’t seem to have updated their interface since initial release.

New CoPilot Live

CoPilot 8 GPS

Along with all of the fantastic features of CoPilot 8 GPS, CoPilot Live offers some pretty ground breaking stuff! Two of my favourites have to be ‘Navigate to GEO-Tagged photo location’ and Wikipedia integration.

Wikipedia Places

Having the ability to navigate straight to a ‘point of interest’ plus being able to read up on details about it, really makes being a tourist much easy then carrying all of those tour guide books.

I am running CoPilot GPS on an iPhone 4S, and side by side with CoPilot 8 GPS it seems to be much ‘slicker’ and more responsive.

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