PicStick – Personalised Posted Photo Magnets

picstickSince the introduction of the very first digital camera, and even more so the photo capable mobile phone – physical prints of photos has rapidly become something for only the most treasured picture. No longer are people traipsing down the shops with the film canisters in hand, hunting for the 1-hour photo processing shops.

However – a physical print of that moment in time encases it, enabling endless enjoyment and whats more, they make excellent gifts.

Many companies spotted this opportunity and gap in the market to provide physical prints from digital media. Some offering first class service, allowing printing on everything from a mouse mat to a xylophone.. With options comes complexity, and some services out there require a degree in computer science to work! That was until now, a new kid on the block, PicStick has reared up from the myriad of web-based services – to offer a no fuss solution to personalised magnets!


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LOGIK 7″ Google Nexus Starter Kit Review

LOGIK 7" Google Nexus 2 Starter Kit

LOGIK 7" Google Nexus 2 Starter KitWith my recent acquisition of a Google Nexus 7 (which you can read my review of here) the obvious next purchase was of course a protective case for the tablet. Now, although tablet design and construction has come on leaps and bounds since the very early market contenders. I am still a fan of looking after my tech, and keeping its resale value as high as possible.

Cases like these seem to divide the masses, some completely disagreeing with them and not seeing the need, others seeing them as an essential purchase.

Unlike my iPad I didn’t really want a bulky keyboard case, just something to help prevent knocks and scrapes. Scouring the market there’s a whole host of designs and builds, some starting for as little as £2.. (Which I’d personally avoid..) After a little shopping trip in my local city, I settled on the LOGIK 7″ Google Nexus Starter Kit.


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Google Nexus 7 Review

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Those of who you know me, or are regular readers of my blog will know that I have been a devout Apple fan for many years. The premium price point has never put me off, as I’ve experienced the build quality first hand. So when I had the opportunity to review the Nexus 7, I was immediately sceptical of the build and the OS.

I know the OS war of Android vs. iOS will rage on for an eternity – and will essential split the crowds.. However, I am not about to start OS bashing in this post. I will be open and honest, my initial thoughts about the OS have actually been nulled….. That’s right.. I am actually seeing the benefits behind the open OS!

Now down to the business of the Google Nexus 7..


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Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series BP3T Review

Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series BP3T

Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series BP3TLooking after yourself is perhaps one of the most important jobs of any persons life, it’s important to not ruin the body you live in, after all you only get one!

With this in mind, investing in technology to help keep yourself fit and healthy is far from a waste of money.

The market is awash with all kinds of kit to help monitor every aspect of our lives, however in this post I am focusing on the Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series BP3T.

Ozeri, an American based company, are a not only manufacturers of health and fitness wearable tech, but also kitchen, home and bathroom appliances and accessories. The CadioTech product range is clinically proven technology, which is in use in hospitals around the world.

Ozeri have in the past won awards for their product design, so off the bat it was clear that the BP3T was going to be of a premium design.


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Parrot Asteroid Mini Review


Parrot Asteroid Mini

Parrot Asteroid Mini Review


After what seemed like months of hunting around and reading reviews on various makes and models of car kits, including a visit to the Gadget Show in Birmingham.. I finally settled on the Parrot Asteroid Mini.

This is one powerful piece of kit, I have always been a fan of the Parrots, working my way up through the models. However this has been my first with a colour screen, with support for Android market store apps.

One of the biggest selling points of the Asteroid mini for me was the ability to install and use Waze a free community-based GPS navigation system.

The Mini sports a 3.7 inch full colour display, and a wireless remote (with the option of hard wiring it if required) – although the screen on the mini is not touch screen the controls on the remote make navigating and text entry fairly straight forward.. Granted, a touch screen would be quicker – and perhaps a little less frustrating at times. However the amount of time I spend typing on the device, the jog wheel is sufficient.

The mini can access the net using a  compatible Smartphone or a 3G/4G USB dongle, supported operating systems include Android, iOS, RIM, Symbian, Bada.

The ability to be able to search for music via voice is pretty neat, however I find this can be slightly hit and miss if traveling on noisy road surfaces.. The device is capable of accessing music from a whole range of devices including iPod/iPhone, USB, SD card, Bluetooth, line-in. Whats more the Android app store also has a whole raft of music apps to download, such as Shazam and Deezer

The good:

  • 3.5″ Full Colour display
  • Wireless remote control
  • Back lit remote control (if hardwired)
  • The Android App store

The bad:

My only main complaint about the Asteroid is that the speed it takes to cold boot can sometimes feel like an eternity.. We are talking 2-3 minutes from power on to a usable state.. This is something which maybe resolved in future android releases.

Also the lack of touch screen, or qwerty keyboard may bother some people.



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