Blog on the move

So… This weekend I decided I would leave the car and take an alternative form of transport to the big city. London seems to rapidly becoming like my second home, but each time I’ve been I’ve simply taken the car.

This time I decide I would leave the stress behind and booked on a swanky 49 seater. Now, I’m not a huge fan of public modes of transport. Generally as you don’t get a great deal of room, luckily for me my uncle operates an executive coach company ( So I knew the standards would be high.

So here I am, iPod on MacBook out and iPhone tetthered!

I am pretty open to new methods of transport, as the 4 hour drive can be a bit stressful. Next time I plan on trying the train simply for a bit of variation!

Blog posted from my iPhone, so formatting may not be upto much! Shame BlogPress can’t seem to sort that out!

Location:Rossington,United Kingdom

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Short URL's

Just a quick post – in the past people have been weary of following links in my tweetsfacebook posts due to potential security issues, which I can fully appreciate. Because of this I have now set up my own url shortener. This will be hosted on my site and will be completely secure. Future links from me will all contain my domain, followed by a keyword describing the link. 

So you should no longer have to worry about my links.

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Site Registration

Thanks to Matthew for informing me of the bug with the website registration process. This was caused by an (unused) private messaging component for community builder.

I have now removed all traces of the component from the PHP scripts, and the registrations are now working as expected.
If you have not yet registered, you can do so by clicking the ‘Member Login’ button at the top of the page and following the instructions.

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