Make use of your old Android phone

Got a new phone of Christmas? Great! Now, rather then throwing your old phone away, why not put it to use.. There’s a nifty tutorial over at Coolsmartphone written by Leigh Geary, Running a website from your phone 

The tutorial explains how to configure your Android device to act as a web server, and even goes on to show you how to install WordPress on it! 

I think this would be best left to those with fibre connections, but worth doing if you need to serve a something simple or have patience if running from DSL. 

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Install Tweepy on CentOS 6.6

CentOSInstalling Tweepy on CentOS can be a little challenging if you are trying to following other tutorials based on mainstream desktop Linux OS’s.

Don’t forget – to use Tweepy you will need to obtain your keys from the Twitter developer site

Below you can find the commands you require to install on CentOS:

That’s it.. Now you can call tweepy from the command line or scripts.

If you are looking for a Python script to take advantage of Tweepy check out this post from RasPi.TV. Which works perfectly on my Pi and CentOS boxes.

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Install .deb files in SuSe

If you find yourself downloading an application packaged in a .deb file, but you want to install it in SuSe you may be able to use Alien

1. In a new terminal window type su hit retutn and type root password

2. Download and Install alien using zypper: zypper in alien

3. Run: alien -r filename.deb, you should then find a .rpm file in the same location as the .deb which you can open with the application installer..

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Get local IP Address in SuSe

If (like me) you have migrated from Windows to Linux, you may have noticed you no longer have the IPConfig command available to get network card details.

Linux sports an alternative to ipconfig, which is called ifconfig.

You have to run ifconfig as an admin user, so in a terminal window type:

– You will be prompted to enter the admin accounts password
– You should now be presented with a list of all the network card configuration details for your PC.

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SuSe 11.1 – Fatal Server Error: No Screens Found – FIXED

Recently my SuSe 11.1 install stopped booting, after further investigation I found the following error in the log files: Fatal Server Error: No Screens Found after some hunting around the net, and many failed tests. I finally managed to resolve the issue..

If you are suffering from the same problem, try:
Log in as rootType “sax2 -m 0=vesa”

This should load the vesa driver.

Now reboot and you should find you will at least get your GUI back.Once logged back on, you may then want to adjust your display driver etc.

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