Search file contents in OS X


One of the powerful features of OS X built-in spotlight is its ability to search the contents of files for your search string.. However, for reasons yet unknown, I have found this functionality to sometimes be a little hit and miss..

Which is where Terminal comes in.. Using a single line terminal command OS X will rapidly return all the files containing the text you are looking for.

First of all, for this example you need to first set your current path in terminal to the folder containing the files you want to query.

Then type/copy & paste the following

So for example, should you want to find all the text files containing the word AppleScript, you would use the following command:

To expand of the example above, should you want to extend that and search sub folders all you need to do is add ‘r’ for recursive:

This will now return all text files in the folder and subfolder containing the term AppleScript.

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A special note of thanks

Thank YouI’d like to take this special opportunity to thank some pretty special people.. Without these people my life would not be as easy, my evenings would not be as free and my hair would be lost!

My first thank you goes to Mark Esho, a true visionary – who has created something spectacular. Something that fulfils all of my web hosting needs.

My other thank you’s go to the following list of people, all of which have been there for me through thick and thin, and have supported me at the most ungodly of hours!

Kate A, John P, Liz S, Tom I, Liz, Scott, Kat, Tom, Ashton, Alex, Roger, Robert and last but not least Liam

All of these very special people have helped to keep one of the 12 domains I administrator! Not only do they really know there stuff, they truly excel at customer support and service. Talking me down from often frustrated heights, and helping me get the site back up and running with the least possible delay.

I would also like to give Tom an extra ‘thanks’ – Tom took it upon him self to work closely with me and my monster of a website, to help me figure out why it was eating into valuable CPU time. An rather then just landing a bill on my door mat, we finally managed to rain it in and get it back under control! Thank you Tom, you efforts certainly did not go unnoticed!

I’d also like to thank the guys behind the @FVSWebhost twitter account and the people behind the @FVSTech twitter account!

Now finally – I would also like to thank East Internet’s Marketing Exec, for breaking the good news to me.. Thank you Timo!

Before you all accuse me of posting a ‘bafta-esque’ blog post, I’d like to remind people that you could win the competition you keep thinking about entering, it does actually happen to normal people! Not just staff at the company offering the competition.. An how do I know this you ask? Well I was very lucky enough to qualify for FreeVirtualServers recent competition. If you missed it, please make sure you check out the new competition! You have till November the 29th to enter, you can find out more here

Thank you once again.. Here’s to many more years of partnership!

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As more and more applications move to the cloud, and we become less reliant on locally installed apps, I’ve been trying to find an online editor to fulfil my photo editing requirements. Tonight I had a need for a small change to an image for my site, and rather than download and install a clunky app I decided to hit Google.. This is when I stumbled across, Pixlr is a suite of 3 separate editing suites.

The first, dubbed the ‘Advanced’ editor, called Pixlr Editor which offers most if not all tools needed for most photo editing projects. The layout is much similar to other photo editors on the market. The difference being of course, is that it is 100% web browser-based, meaning no hefty downloads and no apps to install..

(click to enlarge)

The ‘Advanced’ editor sports a feature packed toolbox, with all the tools you need to perform most image editing tasks.. From the touch up tool, to the blur tool and the image stamp and sharpen tool, really does put it in the same ring as local apps such as GIMP

If you don’t need all the powerful features from the advanced editor, Pixlr also offer an ‘Efficient‘ image editor. An although it’s got less tools in its toolbox, it’s by no way limited in its ability to do just what you want. The ‘efficient’ editor makes it as simple as clicking your mouse button or track pad to apply some pretty professional looking photo effects, or borders etc.

(click to enlarge)

Then for the more simple image editing projects, Pixlr offer a ‘Playful‘, which makes it dead simple to add some pretty cool effects to your images. With a similar designlayout to iPhoto on the iPhone or iPad the toolbox takes the pain out of spicing up your images a little.

(click to enlarge)

What’s more… Not only is Pixlr available in a web browser near you it also has a feature packed iOS and Android client, available for download in the respective app stores..

So what are you waiting for?? Dump your local photo editing clients and switch to the cloud!

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A little known fact; OS X sports a built in VNC Client..

Few people are aware that OS X comes complete with a built in ‘vnc’ client. VNC is used to connect to remote machines running VNC servers. VNC servers can include things like RealVNC or TightVNC

Connecting to VNC servers really is as simple as ensuring the desktop or finder has focus, then clicking Go > Connect to server, or Apple Key + K. Once the connect to server box pops up type VNC:// and the IP Address or Device name you’d like to connect to in the server address field and click connect.

Upon clicking connect, you will be prompted for the servers password. Once connected you’ll be presented with the remote machines desktop. This is something I use almost daily in my role, and find it extremely useful.

If you prefer a third party client, one you’ll always find in my applications folder is Chicken of the VNC

Let me know if you know of alternative methods for remote connections in the comments below 🙂

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Google Drive Update for iOS

Google have today released some pretty exciting news news the mobile Google drive app now allows on device/in app editing of your google documents! As far as I know it’s the first in the field of mobile online storage apps to offer such a service.

As you can see from the video below, they have pretty much got it nailed..

There’s only downside to the recent news… As of yet, the app does not support in app editing of Google Spreadsheets. However, I feel confident in saying it won’t be far behind todays release. Once it finally arrives, I will seriously have to reconsider my current alliance to Dropbox and SugarSync.

You can download Google Drive for iOS from the App Store now for free.

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