New Website

I know my stay here has been a short one but I have now started the process of setting up my own website,, with the help of Mike Hudson (& I mean a lot of help, so bear with me)

The theme of the blog will still be the same, me, my life, rugby league & geeky stuff ūüôā

I hope you’ll come & read when I do move, but I also hope you’ll stay with Mike too, because he needs the readers ūüėČ (Hee Hee, sorry Mike)

Will let u know when I’m up & running, but I’ll be here for a while yet ūüôā

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Battle Royale

So off to ‘The Jungle’ we went (OK, so I know it’s not called ‘The Jungle’ anymore, but the name has stuck with me!) full of positive thoughts & feelings of optimism after a brilliant Easter & the news that¬†Jamie Peacock would be making a return after 8 months out of the game.¬† I’m not sure what it is but it just feels different some how, like we’ve turned a corner in the season (I just hope this is true)

Stood on the 40 Yard line amongst a majority of Leeds fans, we awaited the game to kick off.¬† For most of the 1st half,¬†I have to say,¬†it felt like¬†we were just watching one half of the pitch, unfortunatley the wrong half…It just felt like I’d been facing¬†right, which must have meant the Tigers had most of the posession.¬† We scored after 1 & a half minutes, but¬†then proceeded to defend our line for what felt like forever.

Castleford had 2 tries disallowed which could have changed the game, but unfortunatley, you may think I’m biased,¬†I do think the referee got the decisions correct…they were forward.¬† Some brilliant defending was on show, not least an awesome one¬†man tackle from Kevin Sinfield to hold them up over the line, and I have to say, the want & team spirit, was excellent to see.¬† To see Keith Senior run the width of the pitch just to Hi-5 Sinny for the tackle, made me feel…We’re Back!

That was even before the 2nd half, were we started to improve even more.  An impressive 8 try haul, with Danny McGuire going round his best mate Richie Mathers (Sorry Richie) and my favorite player Robbie Burrow, doing one of his famous jinking runs to score under the posts, being some of my highlights.

I came away from this game with mostly¬†positive thoughts, there were no weak links, we played with passion & confidence¬†& it would seem like (fingers crossed) we come away with no injuries.¬† The only thing I was disappointed in was Ben Cross’ leading with the forearm challenge, which I fear may be up for a one match ban this week, we could do without these moments of stupidity.

Overall, an excellent end to a tough 3 game in 8 day period & 3 wins, after the run in we had, is all we could ask for.  Long may this continue into the Challenge Cup next weekend.


Unfortunately I can’t not mention the idiosy of some people, this picture was posted on twitter last night by Luke Burgess.¬† A Castleford fan threw a rock at the Leeds Players coach window & smashed it…The fact that these things still happen in our game is a disgrace & if any one saw anything, please contact either club involved.¬† I know this will just be a minority, but this person, needs to be banned from the club!

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Royal Wedding Leeds Rhinos Combo

So today has got the be made up of the weirdest selection of activities, a day which was meant to consist of shopping & lunch out followed by some rugby, was overtaken by some wedding.¬† That’s right, from the moment I got up & switched on ITV, I was just totally hooked on the Royal Wedding.¬† Now I’m not a total royalist¬†& thought that I was only bothered about seeing what Kate was wearing, but I was wrong.¬† Seeing all the royals & Kate’s family, one by one arriving at Westminster Abbey (which I visited last November) made me¬†actually wish I’d had a party or, in fact, gone & lined the street with all the other mad ‘eds…It would have been awesome!!

Although I have to say, sitting in my PJ’s wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea, with Philip Schofield talking to me from the TV, has got to be a close second.¬† It’s been such an amazing thing to watch & I’m so glad I am not like my husband, who is currently boarding out the loft ūüôā & to top it all off, they have just sang Jerusalem, a hymn that sends shivers down my spine due to the memories of rugby league games gone by,¬†which leads me, quite nicely,¬†to the next part of my day.

Castleford Tigers Vs Leeds Rhinos!!

A game which is going to be tough after 2 games in quick succession over the hot Easter period, however, one that should be awesome.¬† A derby game of close rivals at an old fashioned rugby ground, that I love.¬† Being so close to the action & standing on the half way line with the away supporters is brilliant.¬† Boosted by the return of Jamie Peacock & back in the squad, after returning last week, Danny McGuire…it really does feel positive for the Rhinos at the moment.¬† I just hope that they can continue their winnings ways, in what would be the end to an amazing Easter/Bank holiday campaign if we could do it.

And that way, we could congratulate Wills & Kate & The Rhinos all on the same day…

Enjoy your 2nd long break people…

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Conditional Formatting – Show Items Only

In Excel 2007 there is an option to use icons in conditional formatting…For example, Up, Down & No Change arrows,¬†which are fed by a number, 0, 1 or 2 in the same cell.¬† I needed to show these arrows on scorecard I was designing but there was an issue with the size of my column & where the arrows were sitting:

I wanted the arrows to appear in the middle of the cell & the numbers not to be there.¬† My initial thought was to just change the font colour of the cell, but this still showed the same information (although hidden) &¬†the arrows stayed where they were.¬† Then I found a setting which means you can just ‘Show Icons Only’…

  • Select cells with conditional formatting on them
  • Goto Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules
  • Click Edit Rule
  • In the bottom right hand corner there is a tick box called ‘Show Icon Only’, make sure this is checked
  • Click OK
  • Click OK

This will then mean that the orientation of the cells moves the actual icons, instead of the values, see below example.



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Index & Match with an Array

I spend most of my day at work returning values from one worksheet to another or one list to another, for example, matching a customer name to a customer number. This can be done by using a combination of the INDEX & MATCH functions (see example below)

This would result in:

However, if I wanted to return more than just the customer name, I would find myself re-writing the formula over & over again, changing the column reference at the end as many times as I needed, however, you can use an array function to help with this by following these instructions:

  • Next to your customer number select the number of columns you would like to return

  • Type in the following formula (make sure the absolute values are on the red & blue parts but NOT the green section)

  • DO NOT PRESS ENTER!!!! (This is very important)
  • Click Ctrl + Shift + Enter (This should enter the results into all cells selected & you will notice the formula has been surrounded with {} brackets

  • Now drag down the formula

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