Benchmark 2011: A call for Participants

Would you like to help out with the massive benchmarking task of all PHP Frameworks?

Phil Sturgeon is setting up ‘Benchmark 2011’ to gather together findings from a PHP Frameworks wide ‘hello world’ exercise:

In the PHP community and generally on the interwebs we see a lot of trolling and argumentative behaviour about which X is better, stronger, faster, too.  These arguments are often based on personal preference and sometimes an amount of experience, but very rarely based on fact. Why not?  Because there has not been a big enough audit of PHP framework performance for anybody to truely know!  Yesterday Dan Horrigan (another PHP framework user and developer) suggested we all have a go at “Benchmark 2011”.  A chance for every framework developer or interested party to take their framework of choice, make a hello world and post it up online for a fair and factual survey of how many requests per second the base of the framework can handle without APC, etc.

If you are interested in participating, you can find out more over at Phil Sturgeon’s blog

Mike Hudson

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