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So off to ‘The Jungle’ we went (OK, so I know it’s not called ‘The Jungle’ anymore, but the name has stuck with me!) full of positive thoughts & feelings of optimism after a brilliant Easter & the news that Jamie Peacock would be making a return after 8 months out of the game.  I’m not sure what it is but it just feels different some how, like we’ve turned a corner in the season (I just hope this is true)

Stood on the 40 Yard line amongst a majority of Leeds fans, we awaited the game to kick off.  For most of the 1st half, I have to say, it felt like we were just watching one half of the pitch, unfortunatley the wrong half…It just felt like I’d been facing right, which must have meant the Tigers had most of the posession.  We scored after 1 & a half minutes, but then proceeded to defend our line for what felt like forever.

Castleford had 2 tries disallowed which could have changed the game, but unfortunatley, you may think I’m biased, I do think the referee got the decisions correct…they were forward.  Some brilliant defending was on show, not least an awesome one man tackle from Kevin Sinfield to hold them up over the line, and I have to say, the want & team spirit, was excellent to see.  To see Keith Senior run the width of the pitch just to Hi-5 Sinny for the tackle, made me feel…We’re Back!

That was even before the 2nd half, were we started to improve even more.  An impressive 8 try haul, with Danny McGuire going round his best mate Richie Mathers (Sorry Richie) and my favorite player Robbie Burrow, doing one of his famous jinking runs to score under the posts, being some of my highlights.

I came away from this game with mostly positive thoughts, there were no weak links, we played with passion & confidence & it would seem like (fingers crossed) we come away with no injuries.  The only thing I was disappointed in was Ben Cross’ leading with the forearm challenge, which I fear may be up for a one match ban this week, we could do without these moments of stupidity.

Overall, an excellent end to a tough 3 game in 8 day period & 3 wins, after the run in we had, is all we could ask for.  Long may this continue into the Challenge Cup next weekend.


Unfortunately I can’t not mention the idiosy of some people, this picture was posted on twitter last night by Luke Burgess.  A Castleford fan threw a rock at the Leeds Players coach window & smashed it…The fact that these things still happen in our game is a disgrace & if any one saw anything, please contact either club involved.  I know this will just be a minority, but this person, needs to be banned from the club!

Mike Hudson

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