Apple Watch can be used as a games controller on Apple TV

It seems, Apple Watch OS 2 brings with it some pretty impressive features.. The most impressive feature being games controls for the Apple TV! One such game reported to support the Apple Watch’s new feature is Bowling Central by Rolocule. Whats more, Rolocule have confirmed they will let you lucky Apple Watch owners (and all those who don’t own one) bag Bowling Central completely free of charge!

Bowling Central uses the built in AirPlay feature of the iPhone and iPad to stream the gameplay to your Apple TV. Of course, this is either going to mean constantly removing your watch and passing to your friends..? Unless they introduce multi user/watch gameplay!

Check out this gaming footage:

Rolocule are some what experts in the field of motion controlled gaming.. Not so long back they introduced their motion tennis, which uses Android phones to control the in game rackets!

It’s fair to say this will be the first of many now the ball is rolling…

You can download Bowling Central right now from the AppStore using the button below.


Mike Hudson

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