Apple stock price starting to hike up

Soo.. With less then 1 week to go to the WWDC 2014 it would appear Apple’s stock price is really starting to hike up. There’s still a little to go before they reach the record of $705 in late 2012, but it’s certainly heading in the right direction. Forbes reported back in November last year 10 reasons why they think Apple will hit $700 again, so who knows – perhaps after next week their predictions will become true..?

There’s little doubt that this has something to do with what is about to be unveiled on the 2nd of June, and all the press coverage they are getting because of it. Perhaps its been spurred on by the almost definite unveiling of the smart watch..? Or maybe it’s the new OS X hardware which is rumoured to be getting lots of stage time next week..? Or maybe it’s the recent acquisition of Beats Music & Beats Electronics..? Or maybe even the recently rumoured home automation system..?

What ever it is causing the price hike, it’s making me a little sick that I still haven’t yet invested in some Apple shares!

AAPL Stock Chart

AAPL data by YCharts

One things for sure…. They’re not going to be going bust anytime soon! Looks like they are hot on Samsungs tail too.. Who seemed to have remained at the same point for sometime now.

Mike Hudson

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