Activ8rlives App now integrates with Apple Health


Activ8Aseptika Ltd have recently unveiled an all new version of the popular health and food diary monitoring app Activ8rlives App, version 3.2 now integrates seamlessly with the stock Apple Health application*.

The Activ8rlives App is designed to collect a whole range of health and fitness information including Steps, weight, BMI, body fat, muscle, Peak Flow, FEV1, SpO2, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose, Calories, and more. All of which it’s now capable of sharing with Apple Health.


Whats more Activ8rlives can also be used to create any number of customised fields or “trackers” to be synchronised with other fields as they are added to Apple’s Health App.

Aseptika Limited is a healthcare company developing and marketing an integrated suite of self-monitoring devices and services under the Activ8rlives brand. We are developing integrated systems which can be used by laypeople and their healthcare service providers to better self-manage long-term health conditions (LTHC) through self-monitoring.

The Company gained the UK patent in 2013 protecting the invention of a test for biomarkers of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) in the sputum of patients, which can be used to detect the on-set of an exacerbation and profile the efficacy of antibiotic treatment for each patient.

For more information on Aseptika Ltd, Activ8rlives and products, check out their website


*Apple Health app, is only available on iPhones and iPads running iOS 8 or above.

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