Query OpenWeatherMap for current weather info using PHP

openweatherAs part of a wider project (more updates posted shortly) I am working with OpenWeatherMap’s API to obtain current and forecast weather information. This is ultimately going to be displayed on a ‘digital photo frame’ type setup.

OpenWeatherMap API offers results in both XML and JSON format. For my project I have chosen the JSON route, so using the below PHP I am grabbing the weather and outputting strings and an image based on current conditions.

This is very much a work in progress piece of code, and is part of a much larger tutorial which I will be posting up once complete. However, I thought the snippet below may prove useful for visitors just wanting a straight output from OpenWeatherMap.

NB: To use the API’s you’ll need to register for a free API ID, the one in the snippet below is just for example purposes.

Mike Hudson

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