4X3 Motion Digital Pedometer review

4x3 Pedometer

The 4×3 Motion Digital Pedometer is an utra slim digital pedometer that is small enough to slip into the smallest pocket, plus it is supplied with a lanyard that allows the user to wear it around his or her neck.

The manufacturers claim that it provides superior accuracy in any position using the worlds most advanced Tri-Axis Technology thanks to its built-in 3D  Tri-axis motion sensor which measures vertical, horizontal, and sideways movement.

The pedometer tracks the wearers distance travelled, their speed, and the number of calories burned. it will count up to one million steps, and has a useful 7 day memory option which re-sets itself at midnight every night so that each days activity is measured individually and totalled up at the end of the week. the display also offers a sports timer, a digital clock, and a calendar, all of which can be viewed at night thanks to the blue backlight. all of this is powered by a small lithium battery which is provided and is pre-installed in the pedometer, there is a clear plastic isolator strip protruding from behind the battery casing cover which pulls out to allow the battery to connect when you loosen the small retaining screw on the battery cover using the small pozi headed screwdriver that is thoughtfully supplied with the pedometer.

Hands On

My experience with the pedometer began when I opened the packet and took out the instructions that explain how to get the best from the pedometer and how to set it up for use. I discovered (to my bitter disappointment) that I was unable to read the text due to its minuscule size. As a bloke who is, as my son informs me ‘getting on a bit’ this is my plea to all manufacturers and suppliers of an ever growing number of products, MANUFACTURERS! PLEASE PRINT YOUR INSTRUCTION LEAFLETS IN LETTERS THAT ARE LARGE ENOUGH TO READ!!

In fairness to the product in question they are not unique in this, but understanding how to properly use any equipment is vital if users are to gain the best from the item that they have purchased.

It took me several attempts to program the pedometer correctly, partly due to my failing eyesight, partly due to my approaching senility (according to my son), and partly due to the size of the printed text.

Please be aware that during the programming process you will be required to accurately measure the distance covered when ten walking paces are stridden out. this distance is to be divided by ten to provide an average and the divided figure is to be added into the pedometer so that the readings can be provided quite precisely.

Once I had mastered the setting up process however, I am pleased to say that I was delighted with the operation of the pedometer and the ease in which one can change the display from one function to the next with the touch of a button.
I wore the pedometer around my neck using the lanyard supplied, and frequently compared it with a popular app which we had installed onto a smart phone. The pedometer proved to be much more accurate than the app.


  • Records;
    • Step count
    • Distance walked
    • Speed
    • Calories burnt
    • Time Active
  • 3 Recording Modes: Today, Split & Total — with a split screen display for multi-data views.
  • New 3D Tri-Axis Sensor (X, Y, Z plane detection) provides superior accuracy in any position.
  • Counts up to 1 million steps with 7-Day Memory, and includes a built-in Clock, Calendar & Sports Timer and Auto Sleep Mode technology.


7.1 x 3 x 1.3 cm


Boxed-product Weight: 127 g


I liked the feel, the shape and the weight of the pedometer along with its ease of use (once programmed), and would be happy to recommend it to anyone contemplating making a purchase of a quality premium range pedometer, I would have given it 5 stars had it not been for the difficulty I had in reading the instruction leaflet.


Mike Hudson

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