This blog posts is one of the several guest blog posts to Posted by one of my readers Thomas Hazlett, Thomas has converted the terminal commands in my earlier post Show hidden files in OS X 10.7 or 10.8

  1. Launch -> /Aplications/Automator
  2. Select what type of workflow you would like. I feel a service is a good choice for this so go ahead and;
  3. Select -> Service
  4. At the top of the window there should be 2 combo-boxes.
  5. Select -> no input
  6. Select ->
  7. Drag -> Run shell script; from the left panel to the right and enter the following:
is_shown=$(defaults read AppleShowAllFiles)
if [ $is_shown != "YES" ]
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

(You may have to retype the quotes around the “YES” in the if statement).

8.   Below that Drag -> Ask for confirmation and enter a message to the effect of “Do you want to relaunch finder? This will cancel any file transfers etc.”Under that,
9.  Drag -> Run shell script and enter killall Finder
10.  Save it, naming it whatever you want it to appear as under the services submenu of the Finder menu.
11.   With Finder in the foreground, click Finder in the top left -> down to Services and click your newly created Service.

Thomas Hazlett is from and still lives in Belfast, N. Ireland. He is currently studying with the Open University towards his BSc in Computing and IT however has decided to take a year out to work on his own projects; start a blog; and spend more time doing home renovations. You can find more about him at

  • AK

    Followed it and Menu item entry works too, except for no hidden file/folder shows up.

    Update: It worked after I removed white spaces from “is_shown = $”

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  • Marcelo Augusto Gaudio

    the 10.9 has any diference ??I just could not folow the steps ???please hel; me ??

  • Harold Appel

    Thanks…like a charm.

  • Bill Steffey

    I followed the process but my new “Toggle Hidden Files” is not showing up under Finder > Services. I noticed the script is being saved to my Documents Folder by default. Should I be saving it elsewhere? Thanks!

  • AK

    Followed it and Menu item entry works too, except for no hidden file/folder shows up.

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