TX155 TechLink Anti Bacterial Screen and Keyboard Cleaning SystemDuring my recent visit to the big city that is London, I decided I would treat my MacBook Pro to a bit of a clean. Obviously it’s kept in tip top condition, but as with all displays and heavily used keyboards it was still showing signs of use. So off I went to the Apple Store – formally known as my second home.. I had a hunt around, checked out all of their offerings (of which there is many) and decided the TechLink solution was by far the best.

The TechLink package contains spray and tools to clean both the keyboard and the screen, in these natty little bottle holders you get a bottle of cleaning fluid, a soft sponge and retractable dusting brush.
The keyboard cleaner is perfectly designed to slide over your keyboard keys with specific cut outs to clean between your keyboard keys. Leaving no spec of dustdirt safe!
The screen cleaner’s sponge is soft to touch and very deep, perfect for carefully running over your precious Mac’s display.
The bottles contain very subtle cleaning products, free from harshabrasive chemicals. The monitor cleaner is safe for use on all LCD, LED and plasma based monitors. Making it not only perfect for laptops but televisions as well.
Both cleaning products have an anti-bacterial formula, leaving both your keyboard and monitor bacteria free. The cleaners housing’s also contain a slide out anti static dust brush for a keep sweep away of any dust particles. They are also both ergonomically designed for both right handed and left handed use!
They retail at £29.95 from the Apple Store, these are now a key part of my mobile solution and fit perfectly into the pockets of my Knomo Stirling messenger case

Now available from Apple Store GB

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